Weekly Column: Thanksgiving in Action

Our Thanksgiving Day typically starts off with my husband, Bryon, convincing all of us to sit and watch the parade with him. It’s not that we don’t enjoy seeing the floats and balloons barreling down New York City’s narro...
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Noem Looks for a Real Fix, Not Quick Fix on Immigration

Rep. Kristi Noem today urged President Obama to work with Congress to explore permanent, long-term solutions on immigration, rather than pursuing unilateral action. “We need to look for real, permanent solutions on immigration, no...
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Noem Promises to Continue Fight for Keystone XL Pipeline

Rep. Kristi Noem today promised to continue the fight for the Keystone XL Pipeline’s construction in the wake of the U.S. Senate voting down legislation to advance the pipeline. Noem helped the House pass the legislation on November ...
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Weekly Column: Stopping a Federal Land Grab

November 14 marked the last day where the public could comment on what could become the largest federal land grab in our country’s history. So, what’s the next step? Last March, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Arm...
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#TBT to March 28, 2011 -- the President's own words on #Immigration. What changed? http://t.co/doXWD09Rw0
Spoke with @RickKnobe on @KSOO1140 yesterday about what's coming up next in Congress. Take a listen: http://t.co/fj2Hszhb1f

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