I was in my early 20’s when my father passed away unexpectedly in a farming accident.  Shortly after moving back home to take over our family farm, we were forced to take out a loan to pay off the taxes that were owed as a result of dad’s passing.  That loan impacted every decision we made for about a decade.  That’s why today, I am fighting to save hardworking taxpayers from the burdensome taxes that made it difficult for my own family to live out our American Dream.  And I'm fighting this fight as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, which gives me a powerful voice in any tax reform debate.

Fundamentally, I believe taxpayers deserve a tax code that is simpler, flatter, and fairer.  I’m proud to have helped the House pass a series of tax extensions to give families a little break. These bills worked to extend support to thousands of Americans, but for the long-term, I believe you deserve a specific and comprehensive plan of action for how lawmakers will make the tax code work for you. 

Ultimately, I’m looking for a plan that will make the tax code simpler, fairer and easier for families and Main Street businesses.  It must be done in a way that supports a healthy economy and encourages companies to start hiring again.  If done correctly, tax reform would make sure families have less taken out of their paycheck each month.  Finally, any comprehensive reform of our tax code must also tackle fraud, abuse and mismanagement at the IRS to better protect hardworking taxpayers.

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