Congresswoman Kristi Noem met with KOTA Territory cattle producers in New Underwood Monday night. This comes just before she begins meeting with the Farm Bill Conference Committee.  

Producers came out to the New Underwood Community Center for a hot meal and some words of support from Congresswomen Kristi Noem.

Josh Geigle, a fourth generation rancher and farmer says the livestock loss is going to affect everyone. And he appreciates Noem's visit.   "It was good to see her, it's good to know that she thinks it's extremely important to help farmers and ranchers recover from a major disaster like this" he says.

Noem says as a member of the Farm Bill Conference Committee she is focused on disaster relief. She says "my number one priority is going to be the livestock disaster programs which I authored the in house version and which I do think the Senate has in pre talks has already said that they do like and they do like those level of funding that are included." 

Noem is confident the Farm Bill will be passed by the end of this year, but she says she wants it done sooner. And the first Farm Bill Conference Committee will take place this Wednesday in Washington.

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