Among the hundreds of passengers trapped by the ice storm Tuesday at the Sioux Falls airport was Rep. Kristi Noem, who was supposed to get back to Washington for a vote on the Black Hills Cemeteries Act.

Instead, she was stranded at the airport for at least eight hours. She told the Argus Leader that she had been deplaned twice as airport workers tried to de-ice the airplane.

"People are unhappy. They're discouraged. It's been a long day," Noem said of her fellow passengers. But she also expressed thanks and admiration for the airport workers who have labored in the cold and rain trying to get planes ready to fly.

The Black Hills Cemeteries Act would transfer ownership of some Black Hills cemeteries from the Forest Service to the local communities that have been operating them.

But with Noem trapped, the U.S. House postponed the debate on her bill.


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