A Congressional committee including US Representative Kristi Noem has amended major national defense legislation. The Armed Services Committee addressed its annual bill Wednesday. Noem says lawmakers established some new procedures and priorities.

The House Armed Services Committee marked up the National Defense Authorization Act. That bill sets defense policies for the United States for the next year. Congresswoman Kristi Noem is on the committee. She says the bill now includes new reforms and accountability measures when it comes to sexual assault in the military. Noem says the bill also includes resources for the latest military advantages.

"This technology ensures that our airmen are practicing and training with the most recent technology available and would certainly be beneficial to the Powder River training airspace when it is finalized so that our bombers can practice with the knowledge that they’re using the most recent technology to get them ready for threats that they would face in this day and age," Noem says.

Noem says the B-1 Bomber crash in August proved that ejection seats are vital for military members in the sky. She says the defense authorization bill includes $10.5 million for upgrading ejection seats.

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