Rep. Kristi Noem said she expects President Barack Obama to "give a good speech" at his State of the Union address tonight but will judge him by what he does after the speech.

"After the speech the real task is going to come," Noem said. "We're going to ask the president to take action on his words."

While Noem praised Obama's expected focus on jobs, she criticized some of the remedies Obama may call for.

"We'll hear good discussion from him about investing in the economy to make sure we're putting it back on track. I don't think that will be the right course for us," she said. "I think government needs to stop investing. We need to be more wise with taxpayer dollars and let the private sector create the jobs."

Noem said she also doubts that Obama will reduce government regulations as much as she and other Republicans hope.

But despite Republican disagreements Noem said she expects the State of the Union to be respectful - due in part to the new seating arrangement this year where Democrats and Republicans will intermingle.

"I think that will be great," Noem said. "It'll be much more representative of the decorum that the floor needs and should have. It'll make sure that we're very respectful of the president as he comes forward and gives the State of the Union to the country, and that we're willing to listen and hear what his plan is."


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