Congresswoman Kristi Noem (R) has announced that she will be holding a summit in Sioux Falls on Monday, February 24th on ways to fight sex trafficking in South Dakota.

It's called the 'Justice Against Slavery' Summit. It will be held at University Center from 930AM to 1130AM.

Kimberly Kaveny-Laplante with the Be-Free-58 anti-trafficking ministry in Sioux Falls says this summit is a big deal because at one time many people would not even admit South Dakota had a human trafficking problem. She will talk at the summit about the specific problems Native-Americans face in the trafficking tragedy.

The event will bring together researchers, national advocacy organizations, advocates from the Native American community, school administrators and others, giving each group the opportunity educate others on the problems they face and the approaches they’re taking to eliminate trafficking in South Dakota. 

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