When we talk about healthcare, we're talking about something that is very personal to people. It's why I've so often looked for ways to put you, the patient, in control of your own health care.  Since Obamacare came into play, however, rising costs, shrinking options, and increased bureaucratic involvement have resulted in control being taken away from patients and their doctors.

While I've heard from thousands of South Dakotans about the burdens placed on them by Obamacare, I understand others have felt greater security because of the law's provisions.  

For years, we have fought to offer relief to those hurt worst by Obamacare, but even after the tweaks, the law remains beyond repair.

We've now put forward a new vision for health care: one that offers Americans from all walks of life the freedom and flexibility to get the health coverage their family needs.  To learn more, please click here.

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