I know for many South Dakota families, May is one of the busier months of the year. From graduation planning to outdoor sports, there are an endless number of to-do items that need to be completed. And often times, it’s Mom who’s in charge of keeping everything organized and making sure kids turn in their final assignments of the school year. Even amongst the season’s busy schedules, I hope you’ll take the time this Mother’s Day to thank mothers for all they do.

Being a parent is an incredible responsibility. It feels like yesterday when my three kids were young and still needed Mom to tie their shoes or zip up their coats. Although Kassidy, Kennedy and Booker no longer need my help with those tasks, I’d like to think they still need me from time to time!

I’m blessed to have two amazing mothers in my life – my mom, Corinne and my mother-in-law, Sharon. While I’m in D.C. representing the people of South Dakota, it’s such a relief to know that these role models are around to help my husband Bryon out with an occasional meal or to sit in the stands and cheer on my kids at ball games. Grandma Sharon is often spotted running lunches up to school and back for the entire Noem-Arnold clan, while Grandma Corinne often keeps Booker company when his sisters aren’t around.

As a working mom and as South Dakota’s lone representative in the House, I continue to support policies that aim to build a better America for every South Dakotan, such as the Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013. This bill would provide private sector employees who are paid hourly the choice to decide between receiving extra paid time off or cash for any overtime hours worked. I’ve met with many South Dakotans who wish they had just a little bit more time to go to kids’ soccer games or to chaperone school field trips. I understand how valuable family time is, so this bill would give families more flexibility and the option to make their lives a little less hectic.

There’s still work to be done in Washington to ensure that we leave our children and grandchildren with the promise of a better tomorrow, but I am confident that with your help, we will get the job done.

I hope you all find the time to thank mothers in South Dakota for all they do – and to thank any other women who have had a positive influence in your life. I would also encourage you to send me a picture of your Mother’s Day celebration. You can email me through my website at noem.house.gov or send me a picture using Twitter (@RepKristiNoem). Happy Mother’s Day!

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