Included in the National Defense Authorization Act that passed the House today was legislation authored by Rep. Kristi Noem that works to address the sexual assault crisis in our military. 

“The women and men who voluntarily serve in our Armed Forces understand that they may be called to serve in dangerous places, but they should never face the threat of harm from their fellow service members,” said Rep. Noem.  “The sexual assault provisions included in the National Defense Authorization Act are not the silver bullet, but they do move us a few steps closer to winning the war against sexual assault in the military.” 

The legislation Rep. Noem authored helps to improve investigation procedures when dealing with sex-related offenses. It also requires the Pentagon to develop specific qualifications for individuals in sexual assault prevention related positions.  It also requires that the military review their sexual assault prevention training and education programs and identify elements that should be used across the services.  

These reforms were originally introduced by Rep. Noem in H.R. 2227.

The Senate is expected to pass the National Defense Authorization Act next week, sending the bill to the President’s desk. 

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