This week, Rep. Kristi Noem spoke in a Ways and Means hearing about the positive impact of tax reform in South Dakota.

“Everywhere I travel in the state, people are telling me stories about the benefit of tax reform,” said Noem. “This is exactly why the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is so important. It helps our small businesses stay in business. It puts us on the road to growth and reinvestment in our people and in our small businesses. That’s what I hear overwhelmingly across my state of South Dakota, and that’s why it’s so vital that we keep it up.”

WATCH: Noem Speaks to Ways and Means Committee about Tax Reform in South Dakota

When Congress negotiated tax reform legislation late last year, Noem served as one of only five House Republicans on the final negotiating team. Partnering with Ivanka Trump, Noem successfully worked to double the Child Tax Credit and maintain the Child Care Credit. Because of the doubled standard deduction and strengthened provisions for farmers, ranchers, and job creators, the average family of four in South Dakota is projected to receive a $2,400 tax reduction next year.

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