Rep. Kristi Noem today released the following statement after the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the agency would open additional CRP acres for emergency haying:

“I am always amazed by the resilience of South Dakota ranchers, but this year’s devastating drought goes far beyond the challenges most producers have had to face in recent years. With many pastures in poor or very poor condition, I’m hopeful these added CRP acres will provide some degree of relief. I am sincerely grateful to Secretary Perdue and the USDA for hearing my concerns and offering the support South Dakota ranchers need right now.”

In a June 2017 letter to Secretary Perdue, Rep. Noem urged the agency to release all South Dakota CRP acres for haying. Landowners interested in emergency haying or grazing of CRP acres should contact the Farm Service Agency office and meet with the local Natural Resources Conservation Service staff to obtain a modified conservation plan to include emergency haying/grazing. 

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