Rep. Kristi Noem today released the following statement as Americans filed taxes under the old tax system for the last time:

“When you sent in your 2017 taxes, you filed your last return under the old tax code. The next time Tax Day rolls around, the standard deduction and Child Tax Credit will be doubled, and the tax rates for individuals and job creators will be significantly lower because of the historic tax cuts I negotiated alongside President Trump. For many, the benefit on next year’s tax return will be only part of it. Millions across the country have received bonuses, pay raises, and better benefits. New companies are popping up, energy costs are going down, and people are feeling more confident about the direction our country is headed in. Tax cuts are already at work.”

When Congress negotiated tax reform legislation late last year, Noem served as one of only five House Republicans – and one of the only farmers – on the final negotiating team. Partnering with Ivanka Trump, Noem successfully worked to double the Child Tax Credit and maintain the Child Care Credit. Because of the doubled standard deduction and strengthened provisions for farmers, ranchers, and job creators, the average family of four in South Dakota is projected to receive a $2,400 tax reduction next year.

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