Congresswoman Kristi Noem today announced her support for comprehensive healthcare legislation that offers a consumer-driven alternative to President Obama’s healthcare law.  The legislation, referred to as the American Health Care Reform Act of 2013 (H.R. 3121), offers a number of reforms aimed at fixing the fundamental challenges faced in our healthcare system.

"The new healthcare law has long been regarded as unworkable, but the healthcare exchange rollout over the last few weeks has shown just how unworkable this law really is," said Rep. Noem.  "Despite the promises made to Americans, people are losing both their preferred health insurance coverage and their doctors, while premiums skyrocket.  It is not enough, however, to just repeal Obamacare.  Now is the time to cure our healthcare system.  The American Health Care Reform Act offers a practical, consumer-driven alternative to the President’s healthcare law and addresses the fundamental problems that plague our healthcare system, rather than just masking the symptoms."

Congresswoman Kristi Noem signed on as a co-sponsor of the legislation in late October.  Introduced by Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.), the American Health Care Reform Act of 2013 would:

  • Fully repeal President Obama's health care law, eliminating billions in taxes and thousands of pages of unworkable regulations and mandates that are driving up health care costs. 
  • Spur competition to lower health care costs by allowing Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines and enabling small businesses to pool together and get the same buying power as large corporations.
  • Reform medical malpractice laws in a commonsense way that limits trial lawyer fees and non-economic damages while maintaining strong protections for patients.
  • Provide tax reform that allows families and individuals to deduct health care costs, just like companies, leveling the playing field and providing all Americans with a standard deduction for health insurance.
  • Expand access to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), increasing the amount of pre-tax dollars individuals can deposit into portable savings accounts to be used for health care expenses.
  • Safeguard individuals with pre-existing conditions from being discriminated against purchasing health insurance by bolstering state-based high risk pools and extending HIPAA guaranteed availability protections.

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