Rep. Kristi Noem today met with President Donald Trump and a group of bipartisan lawmakers at the White House to discuss a comprehensive tax reform package to create more jobs, bigger paychecks, and a fairer tax code. Noem serves as a member of the House Ways & Means Committee, the first South Dakotan in history to do so. In this role, Noem has helped draft the blueprint for a once-in-a-generation tax reform proposal, which was the basis for today’s White House discussions.

Today’s meeting left me extremely optimistic for what we can accomplish,” said Noem. “This is a president who wants to tackle the hard issues and move this country forward. I’ve been fighting to do the same. Today was another important step toward a tax code that can help free South Dakotans to achieve their potential without the heavy burden of an outdated tax code standing in their way.”

During today’s White House meeting, Noem discussed a proposal to:

  • Grow jobs and paychecks nationwide by lowering tax rates at every income level, separating wage income from small business income, and leveling the playing field for American businesses and workers to compete.
  • Make the tax code fairer and simpler by increasing the standard deduction, and eliminating the maze of unfair special interest loopholes.
  • Help middle-class families by consolidating tax brackets, preserving and simplifying family-focused provisions, and encouraging savings and investment.

Throughout the tax reform process, Noem has given South Dakota an unprecedented voice in the debate. As one of the only members of the committee with a background in agriculture, she has given voice to the needs of rural America. In July, Noem welcomed Scott VanderWal, a producer near Volga, to testify before the committee about tax reform’s impact on small businesses. Noem has also traveled throughout the state, meeting with families and local businesses to discuss their priorities.

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