South Dakota's Congressional Delegation on Tuesday met with President Trump's choice for head of the Indian Health Service, and they gave Robert Weaver an earful of complaints.

“Unfortunately, we’ve become all too familiar with the horrific problems that occur at IHS, and it is important for Mr. Weaver to understand the importance of restoring trust and accountability in the agency, particularly in the Great Plains region,” said Senator John Thune.

Senator Mike Rounds weighed in.

“For years, Indian Health Service has failed to fulfill its trust and treaty obligation to provide adequate health care to tribal members. The quality of care at IHS facilities in the Great Plains Region is simply unacceptable."  Rounds said he shared with Weaver his proposed legislation for a comprehensive review of the IHS.

Last but not least, Kristi Noem shared her concerns.

“The Great Plains area of the IHS is a train wreck,” she said, “We’re going to need aggressive, out-of-the-box thinking to get things back on track. During today’s meeting, I stressed with Mr. Weaver just how urgent the situation truly is..."

Weaver is a member of the Quapaw Tribe in Oklahoma. He was nominated by the President last month. Weaver has nearly two decades of experience in hospital, mental health administration, and entrepreneurship.

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