Over conversations about tax reform and paid family leave, Rep. Kristi Noem is seeking common ground with one of President Donald Trump's top advisers, his daughter Ivanka.

While the two haven't spoken outside formal meetings, Noem said she's hopeful their shared policy goals and experience as mothers and policymakers will help them build a working relationship.

"I would say that we're getting closer," Noem said. "We haven't spent any time outside of the meetings just chatting or having coffee or anything, but that may be possible because she wants to work on the issues that I feel passionately about and she feels passionate about too."

The former South Dakota rancher and business owner and the New York-born model and business executive don't have much in common, but Noem said she's hopeful they can develop a relationship that will help them pass legislation.

"We certainly have led very very different lives, but I think that's kind of thing we're missing now in this country is the ability to find common ground and relate to people," Noem said. 

Befriending Ivanka Trump could be a key step in gaining the president's ear, Noem said. The president historically has valued his daughter's perspective in key policy conversations and often brings her to meetings and public appearances.

"When you're talking to her, I think there's a chance that that will end up in a conversation that she'll have with the president and people in the White House as well," Noem said.

South Dakota's lone House representative said she has invited the president and Ivanka Trump to the Mount Rushmore state but hasn't yet had someone take her up on the offer.

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