WASHINGTON, D.C. - While the President and the Senate discuss a rising deficit and spending cuts this week, the U.S. House is focused on reducing record-high gas prices. And many House Republicans feel more drilling in the Gulf will give consumers some much-needed relief at the pump.

South Dakota Representative Kristi Noem co-sponsored two bills in the House that pave the way for more drilling in the Gulf. The Putting the Gulf Back to Work Act passed Thursday morning.

"This will end President Obama's defacto-moratorium in a safe, responsible, transparent manner putting thousands of Americans back to work and increasing American energy production to help address high gasoline prices," Noem said.

The other bill would lift the President's ban on new, off-shore drilling in the Gulf.

"By requiring the administration to move forward in the 2012-2017 lease plan with energy production in those areas that contain the most oil and natural gas resource," Noem said.

Noem says America is suffering from what she calls domestic energy paralysis.

"And the Presidents moratorium on exploration and drilling in the Gulf is driving prices even higher at the pump," Noem said. 

It's affecting every state in the country, but hitting rural states like South Dakota the hardest.

"And it's not just by high fuel costs. It's also fertilizer costs and then also this wet ground when they're not able to be planting," Noem said.

The House is also debating a new farm bill, which Noem is hoping contains a safety-net for farmers who have been affected by flooding and possibly some much-needed relief from record-high fuel prices.
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