The dirt keeps coming and so does the water. On Saturday, Republican South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem got a look at the levee going up in Dakota Dunes.

"No, I've never seen anything like this. This is a 500-year event," said Noem.

Work on the 2.5-mile levee continues at a non-stop pace. Noem says it's an impressive effort.

"I'm confident about this levee. The fact that it looks like it's just being built to top standards. The contractor does such excellent work," said Noem.

But it's not finished yet.

"Height has to come up some more. More plastic needs to go on the outside, and it's going to have some additional materials like rip rap," said incident commander Joe Lowe.

It'll be ten feet wide on top, and must be built to last at least two months.

"We know that we've constructed a levee, but we don't know how long that levee will hold," said Lowe.

"This is truly, could be a tragic situation, I think. Because of the quality of people that we have in here pulling together, it's not going to be," said Noem.

"This is the fight right now. The fight is here on the ground and this fight is gonna be won," said Lowe.

Construction will begin Sunday on a secondary levee, near the country club. It should be finished by Wednesday.

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