The Republican drive for tax reform continues in Washington.

Earlier this week, South Dakota Representative Kristi Noem was named to the Tax Reform Conference Committee.

That group is tasked with reconciling the differences between the House and Senate versions of tax reform legislation.

Thursday, Noem talked about the the concern some have about the impact of tax reform on the deficit.

Noem says, "When people talk about they that, they look at it from the scope of no perceived economic growth. and we know for a fact from all the previous analysis, and economists and previous behavior that's happened throughout history that when you make a change in tax policy, it changes people's behavior. So we know when you give more Americans more money in their pocket, that they're able to go out and purchase things for their family, maybe take a vacation or have some extra money they could use in case of emergency."

Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi is also on that Tax Reform Conference Committee with Noem.

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