A U.S. Flag made a trip across South Dakota this weekend on its way to the east coast.

It will arrive in Connecticut on Saturday for the christening ceremony of the new USS South Dakota submarine.

But before it gets there, the flag made a stop in Sioux Falls Monday, where it was stored in the saddlebags of a commemorative Harley Davidson motorcycle – that will also head east to the christening.

“This is one of those things we kind of dream about,” said J&L Harley Davidson’s Jim Entenman.

The specialized 2018 Harley Davidson Street Glide was unveiled at J&L Harley Davidson.

“To be able to honor our veterans who have served us in the past with this motorcycle and the graphics that we have on it of the USS South Dakota, the battle ship, the most decorated battleship in WWII.”

As the USS South Dakota fast attack submarine is set to be unveiled October 14th, the bike will also be there to commemorate, with a design that ties together the states military past, with its future.

Menno artist Mickey Harris is responsible for the bike’s one-of-a-kind artwork.

“To have the past and the future together on one vehicle was a challenge to say the least, I had to do a lot of research,” said Harris.

The new submarine, named in honor of the previous state-named WWII battleship, will be of world class technology.

“It will not need refueling in over 30 years, it will be longer than a football field and taller than a 12 story building, and it will be the absolute best submarine in the world,” said U.S. Representative Kristi Noem. “So I think it’s just perfect that it has the name of USS South Dakota.”

While decked out in its markings, the bike will not be sailing aboard the sub.

It will stay in South Dakota, where crew members of the state’s past -and present- submarine fleet will be able to take a ride.

“Well if you take one look at that motorcycle, number one, its awesome. And it represents the relationship I think we have with the state and the submarine and Harley Davidson I mean what a marriage, right?” said U.S. Navy Commander Wiley Cress.

The bike will eventually be housed at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

If crew members of the submarine ever make it to South Dakota, they can take the motorcycle for a ride.

A key to the bike will also be on display aboard the submarine.

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