It's a flood to go down in the record books.  Something officials say only happens once every 500 years.

"I've never seen anything like this before,” Congresswoman Kristi Noem said.

But Representative Kristi Noem says she's optimistic.

"The South Dakota work ethic and spirit is alive and strong,” Noem said.

Thanks to what Noem calls great cooperation and a well oiled team.

Representative Kristi Noem toured the Dakota Dunes area Saturday, visiting the two levees under construction.

"I've been completely reassured that we've got the professionals down here and they know exactly what they're doing and it's a relief to me to see that we're taking care of this community,” Noem said.

Probably the weakest point in the levee, Noem says, is the country club area by the 18th fairway.

It's nearly underwater, but since Thursday, there have been big changes.

“I could not believe the improvements, they were just profound, we have wonderful crews working out there doing amazing work,” Information Officer Jeni Lawver said.

"I think everyone here recognizes that we're winning right now, we need to continue to persevere, put in the hours and the time to get the job done, and hopefully we'll win this thing,” Noem said.

It's a challenge Noem says South Dakotan's will take on, as they pull together to beat the flood fight.

"Across the country, their eyes are on South Dakota, their hearts are with them as well, and to see us work together to beat this thing is very important,” Noem said.

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