A South Dakota representative was in Sioux Falls today to speak to a South Dakota organization.

Representative Kristi Noem spoke at the Scheels conference room to people from South Dakota Walleyes Unlimited.

Many topics Noem discussed with members in a question and answer included the tax reform bill, lead tackle for fishing and meandered versus non-meandered waters in South Dakota.

Representative Noem says speaking to the members today is a great opportunity to talk to people who are passionate about bringing people to South Dakota’s waters.

“The South Dakota wildlife, a group here has been very active in maintaining water, but also promoting fish habitat.  And the fact and opportunity that people want to have to go out and take their families and enjoy some time in the water,” says Representative Noem

Representative Noem says she is also working on around a half a dozen proposals to change the farm bill that was enacted in 2014.

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