You're bound to see Congresswoman Kristi Noem all around South Dakota.

But pumping gas at Kum & Go?

"Quite a few, quite a few let me pump their gas for them,” South Dakota Representative Kristi Noem said.
Noem spent part of Wednesday pumping gas for people, cleaning their windows, all while listening to their stories.

"Talked to one gal who delivers pizza and she's noticed that the delivery pizza prices have gone up so that the company can continue to pay their fuel costs,” Noem said.    

Noem says high gas prices especially hurt rural states like South Dakota, since residents often need to drive long distances to spread out communities.

"Truly, we need to really have an American energy policy, and that's what we're talking to people about a little bit and seeing what stories they have and how it's changed their living and their lifestyles,” Noem said.

But since high gas prices have seemingly always been an issue, the question is why we aren't seeing more alternative fuels today.

"We're Americans, we get lazy, we get sedentary,” AAA Spokesperson Mark Madeja said.

Mark Madeja with AAA says the reason we haven't seen more alternative fuels in 2011 is because Americans don't keep the pressure on oil companies and politicians after gas prices go back down.

"We forget bad times when we're back in good times,” Madeja said.

Noem says she's seen several bills that would allow for the use of natural resources for fuel at home, like more domestic drilling and more production of renewable fuels.

"That's the kind of policies that we need to have and be promoting to really benefit the people who are filling their tanks today,” Noem said.

With the goal of making us more dependent on ourselves, and less dependent on the Middle East.

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