WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Representative Kristi Noem (R-SD) offered the following statement in response to President Obama releasing his Fiscal Year 2012 budget earlier today:


“No South Dakota family farm or small business could ever offer up this kind of budget – it’s too much spending, too much borrowing and not enough reality.  It is unfortunate that President Obama didn't offer our country leadership when we need it most.  We have many tough decisions ahead of us and his only proposal is to spend more money we don't have. It is unacceptable and our people deserve better.  Our economy needs a fiscal plan that cuts wasteful spending, reins in out of control government programs and frees small businesses and entrepreneurs to do what they do best – create jobs,” said Noem.


“$3.8 trillion in spending in the coming year and $8.7 trillion in new spending over the next decade shows the President hasn’t really listened to the message Americans are trying to send Washington.  I am confident Republicans in Congress, starting this week, will show we are capable of blazing a new and different trail that reduces spending, reforms the way Washington does business and unleashes our economy,” said Noem.




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