WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Representative Kristi Noem (R-SD) plans to offer an amendment on the U.S. House floor later today to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from implementing new rules regulating dust. 


“Anyone who has driven a combine through a field knows that dust is a part of rural living.  The possibility of the EPA fining farmers and livestock producers who practice good management through further regulation of dust would be excessive and detrimental to our nation’s vital agriculture industry.  It is hard to think of something more emblematic of Washington’s regulatory overreach than the potential punishment of farmers and livestock producers for kicking up dust,” said Noem.


“There is enough uncertainty for farming in rural America.  We do not need to add to that uncertainty with the threat of tougher EPA regulations on farm dust.  Farmers are looking for certainty about the future.  Burdening them with greater regulations on dust is excessive and will hurt job creation,” said Noem. 


The Noem Amendment would prohibit the EPA from using any of the funds made available under H.R. 1 (the Continuing Resolution funding the government for the rest of the fiscal year) to modify the National Primary or Secondary Ambient Air Quality Standards for coarse particulate matter under the Clean Air Act.  The amendment is supported by the American Farm Bureau, National Cattleman’s Beef Association, South Dakota Stockgrowers and R-CALF USA.




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