Over Memorial Day weekend, I had the opportunity to show President Trump's Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke our state – and not only the stunning landscapes, but the rich history we celebrate. Nowhere were those two ideas more present than at the Black Hills National Cemetery Memorial Day Service.

Tucked in the hills near Sturgis, the Black Hills National Cemetery commemorates the lives of South Dakota veterans and their service to our country. Each Memorial Day, hundreds join together to honor those buried there. It's a pretty special moment.

To continue serving veterans here in the years to come, President Trump signed legislation I worked on to expand the cemetery by 200 acres – a testament to the number of patriotic veterans that call South Dakota home.

The men and women buried here gave of themselves to serve our nation, a value that's rooted deep in South Dakota's heritage, including at the Minuteman Missile Site near Philip, which Secretary Zinke and I also visited.

Throughout the Cold War, the United States relied on this site to keep roughly 1,000 missiles on constant alert. While some remain today, the site has been designated as a National Historic Site, providing a physical reminder of the value found in peace through strength.

Of course, one of South Dakota's most iconic sites is Mount Rushmore, which stands as an icon of liberty around the world. These great faces attract millions of visitors a year and contribute to South Dakota's robust tourism industry.

From hiking to hunting, tourism helps drive South Dakota's economy. In fact, one in 11 South Dakota jobs are directly generated by tourism. The industry also infuses nearly $2 billion into the state's economy annually. It's an important element of our economy that we must fight to maintain.

Over the years, I’ve worked to repeal regulations that make things difficult for South Dakota tourism to thrive. When Secretary Zinke was in the state, he and I were able to announce a new executive order from President Trump that rolls back Obama-era regulations on outfitters and guides. Regulations like the ones Obama implemented are cost prohibitive for businesses and have prevented visitors from fully enjoying all that South Dakota has to offer. I’m grateful President Trump and Secretary Zinke were willing to listen to South Dakota and give folks a break from these unnecessary burdens.

There's something for everyone to enjoy in South Dakota. From our great faces to great places like the Badlands, the Corn Palace, and the childhood home of Laura Ingalls Wilder, I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our state this summer.

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