Rep. Kristi Noem today joined the House Ways & Means Committee as they began formal consideration of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. According to the non-partisan Tax Foundation, the tax reform proposal – which Noem played a pivotal role in drafting – would increase wages by 3.1 percent, add nearly 1 million jobs, and raise the after-tax income of the average middle-income family.

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“It’s taken decades to get to this point, but it’s essential we get this right,” said Noem. “For the next week, we’ll be going through the bill line by line, making sure it reflects our priorities of building strong families and a strong future for all Americans. We’re committed to lowering tax rates, expanding pro-family credits, and creating a tax code that respects and rewards hard work. In return, taxpayers will see wages rise and job creation boom. After years of stagnation, it’s critical we act now. I’m eager to finish our committee work on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act so full House consideration can begin.”

Noem was selected for the House Ways and Means Committee in January 2015. Just over a year later, the committee released a blueprint for tax reform that outlined what a pro-growth, pro-family tax plan would look like. Over the course of the next year, Rep. Noem sat down with hundreds of South Dakotans to discuss the plan – both in the state and in her Washington, D.C. office. Noem also participated in more than a dozen formal Ways and Means Committee hearings on tax reform and brought South Dakota farmer Scott VanderWal to the table to testify on tax reform’s impact on agriculture.

All in all, the House Ways and Means Committee has been working on this proposal for more than six years, holding more than 40 public hearings since 2011.

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