Representative Kristi Noem today supported the Every Student Succeeds Act, which represents the first major education overhaul since No Child Left Behind in 2002.  The legislation, which passed the House with bipartisan support, reduces the federal role in K-12 education, restores local control, and empowers parents. 

“I believe those closest to our kids – parents, teachers, local school districts, state governments – make the best decisions about how to educate our young people,” said Rep. Noem.  “The Every Student Succeeds Act finally gets us away from having the federal government micromanage local classrooms.  The legislation gives states much greater flexibility to spend money in a way that benefits their students most.  It empowers parents to hold schools accountable, not the federal government. It modernizes the Impact Aid program, which many South Dakota schools rely on.  And maybe most notably, the Every Student Succeeds Act ensures the federal government can’t pressure states into adopting specific academic standards like the Common Core.”

The Every Student Succeeds Act also includes language based on Rep. Noem’s Local Taxpayer Relief Act, which modernizes and streamlines the federal Impact Aid program.  Created in 1950, the Impact Aid program provides payments from the federal government to local school districts to make up for local taxes lost on account of federal land within their school districts, such as military bases, national parks, or federal grasslands.

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