Lots of promises are made in Washington, DC but few are ever kept.  Many plans are unveiled with press conferences and fanfare but rarely followed through to completion.  My House Republican colleagues and I are working to break that notorious trend by laying out a plan and sticking to it.

            We released our plan in a document named “A Pledge to America”. This pledge essentially tells the American people what we hope to accomplish.  The goals of the document, and our agenda, are simple: cut spending, make government smaller and more accountable, and get our economy back on track.

            I encourage South Dakotans to follow along this year as we work to make good on our commitments.  Though we are only a few weeks in, we have already made substantial progress.  Just last week the U.S. House voted to repeal the health care law that many small businesses owners, including those I met with in South Dakota last week, said would inhibit their ability to create new jobs while doing nothing to improve health care.

We are also cutting spending on a weekly basis, as promised.  The U.S. House started with a $35 million cut to its own budget, which I supported.  Next up, we approved legislation saving taxpayers millions of dollars that are wasted every year printing multiple paper copies of pieces of legislation. Just this week we voted to cut $617 million over the next ten years by eliminating taxpayer funding for presidential elections.  These are just the start.  If we can save millions by turning off a few government printers, just wait until we get to other programs.  Expect more cuts each week. 

The challenges facing our country are great, but we can get back on the right track by taking one step at a time.  The only way to root out and cut wasteful spending is to do it program by program.  The only way to create the right tax and regulatory environment for small businesses to not only survive, but thrive, is to tackle our excessive regulation and taxation policies, one at a time.  The only way to improve health care is by repealing the job-destroying health care law and replacing it piece by piece with real reforms that deliver affordability and accessibility. 

By approaching this work with diligence and determination, I hope to be part of a solutions-based agenda that South Dakotans and all Americans want to see from their elected officials. I take the responsibility South Dakotans bestowed upon me in November very seriously.  The workload is heavy, but we have a plan.  Over the next two years concerned citizens will have the opportunity to hold us accountable and watch us follow through on our pledge.


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