WASHINGTON – RepresentativeKristi Noem (R-SD) today joined the majority of her House colleagues in voting to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), a 15-member panel of unelected bureaucrats authorized by the Affordable Care Act to make decisions about Medicare with zero accountability. The House voted 223-181 to repeal IPAB on the eve of the second anniversary of the President’s signing of the health care law.  

"As the President’s health care law gets older, the truth about its costs and
negative impacts on the American people only become clearer. Many in South
Dakota know firsthand that our health care system is broken, but the
President’s law is not the answer,” said Rep. Noem. “Today, House Republicans
repealed one of the law’s most blatant attempts to put government between us
and our health care: the Independent Payment Advisory Board. This is an
important step toward stopping this government takeover of health care, but our
work is not done. I will keep fighting to fully repeal this law and replace it
with common sense reforms that empower patients and promote competition to
bring costs down and increase quality.” 

Today's vote to repeal IPAB marks the 26th time the House has voted to fully repeal,
defund or dismantle parts of the President’s health care law, which the Supreme
Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on next week. The American people are
increasingly wary about the Affordable Care Act, with 67 percent saying the
high court should either throw out the law in its entirety (42 percent) or at
least the individual mandate (25 percent), according to a recent ABC
News/Washington Post

The continued opposition to the health care law comes as premiums have gone up, not
down. The law’s regulations and taxes associated with it are a continued
concern to America’s small business owners. In fact, 74 percent of small
business owners say the health care law makes it harder for their business to
hire more employees, according to the U.S.
Chamber of Commerce

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