This is a tax reform bill built for farmers, and Rep. Noem was integral in achieving that. From significantly lower tax rates to repealing the Death Tax, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act is more fair and takes a big step toward rewarding rather than punishing hard work and success.”
- Scott VanderWal, Farmer near Volga and SD Farm Bureau President, who testified before the House Ways & Means Committee on tax reform

[Rep. Kristi Noem’s] hard work and persistence has made our progress to date possible and is our greatest asset in the serious fight to kill the Death Tax once and for all.”
- Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform

Prairie Aquatech will benefit from this tax plan by having a lower corporate tax rate and keeping the money locally to pay employees a higher wage.  Since we are a research and development company, the R&D tax credits, interest deductions and being able to write off the cost of new equipment will help us get started as a new business….”
- Dennis Harstad, VP of Operations/GM at Prairie Aqua Tech in Brookings

"High-quality child care can help more children be prepared to succeed in life. In fact, research shows that it can help to combat the major barriers that keep 71% of young Americans from being qualified to serve in the military. With child care costs on the rise, the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit is a critical support for working families….”
- Major General Donald J. Goldhorn, U.S. Army, Retired – Castlewood, South Dakota

“The National Indian Health Board is very pleased to see that the draft House tax proposal includes a provision to make the IHS student loan repayment program tax exempt.  This common-sense provision will not only create parity with other federal health programs, but will allow IHS to stretch their scarce resources further and provide more incentives for health professionals to work for the Indian health system… NIHB expresses our sincerest appreciation to Congresswoman Noem for her commitment to getting this included in the House tax legislation.”
- Caitrin McCarron Shuy, National Indian Health Board 

“I believe that the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act will help small businesses like mine invest in more equipment, develop better processes, and compete better in the global market which will, in turn, result in more opportunities for employment as we grow and invest in our future.”
- Robb Peterson, President at Glacial Lakes Rubber & Plastics LLC in Watertown 

“Tax reform is absolutely necessary to ensure that ‘family’ remains the cornerstone of our South Dakota farms and ranches now and for generations to come. Congresswoman Noem’s personal family farm experiences coupled with her position and influence on the Ways and Means Committee lend real life experience to the tax issues such as Estate Tax and Like Kind Exchanges that can be life changing for South Dakota farmers and ranchers.”
- Jerry Schmitz, President of the South Dakota Soybean Association 

“Molded Fiber Glass Companies supports the proposed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bill and sees it as a positive step in helping US, and in particular, South Dakota-based businesses, become more competitive with foreign-based businesses.  We also see it as having a very positive impact on Middle Class families which make up our workforce.” 
- David Giovannini, Sr. Vice President at Molded Fiber Glass Companies in Aberdeen 

“The simplification of the filing requirements, the elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), and modification of the estate tax will take out a lot of the pain, shock, anger, and frustration that Americans feel about their taxes.”
- Casey Peterson, Founder and Shareholder at Casey Peterson LTD CPAs and Financial Advisors 

“Due to the bill’s provisions that will dramatically improve the competitiveness of US-based corporations (including the immediate and permanent 20% tax rate) and encourage US economic growth and investment, 3M supports H.R. 1 and urges its reporting from the Committee during this week’s markup….”
– 3M with facilities in Brookings and Aberdeen 

“Every dollar is critical to the small business owner in South Dakota, especially those who are just starting out.  So any progress towards meaningful tax reform for the small business owner is welcome.”
- Jeff Eckhoff, State Director of the South Dakota Small Business Development Center 

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