Rep. Kristi Noem today applauded a Trump administration announcement to better protect doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who have moral or religious objections to providing some services, including abortions or certain transgender treatments. Noem, who has urged the administration to support such steps, helped introduce legislation in January 2017 that would achieve similar goals. More specifically, Noem’s Conscience Protection Act would guard healthcare professionals from discrimination if they refused to perform an abortion.

“No job should force a person to deny their deepest moral or religious convictions – convictions that are constitutionally protected,” said Noem. “With the establishment of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, the Trump administration is taking up a cause I’ve been fighting for years and seriously defending our rights of conscience. By doing so, President Trump is reaffirming the beliefs held by our Founding Fathers: A nation that protects religious liberty, diversity of thought, and individual rights is a freer and stronger nation.”

Today’s announcement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) effectively creates a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within the HHS’s Office for Civil Rights.

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