Mar 01 2011

Noem Supports Short Term Funding Bill

Measure Cuts Spending & Prevents Shutdown



WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Representative Kristi Noem (R-SD) today voted with a bipartisan majority to fund the government through a short-term Continuing Resolution for two weeks.  The bill would cut spending by $4 billion compared to last year’s spending levels. 


“I support this bill because it cuts spending and prevents a government shutdown.  I hope the Senate takes it up immediately.  South Dakotans and all Americans want more out of Congress than stall tactics and the status quo.  We’re responding to the call to cut spending and create jobs; the Senate and President should follow suit,” said Noem.


“Wasteful spending is threatening job creation in South Dakota and elsewhere.  The federal government must learn how to do more with less so we can create a better environment for private sector job growth,” said Noem.


The measure passed today saves $4 billion by rescinding earmark funds and terminating eight programs that President Obama marked for elimination in his 2012 budget proposal.  Enacting the funding bill considered in the House today would fund the government for two weeks and give the Senate more time to consider the 7-month funding bill the House passed on February 19th.




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