Kristi was born, raised and still lives in northeastern South Dakota with her husband, Bryon, and their three children, Kassidy, Kennedy, and Booker.

Kristi learned the value of hard work as she farmed with her dad to build an operation he could pass along to his kids one day.  After a family tragedy, Kristi returned home to farm and ranch full-time.  She stepped up, helped stabilize the operation, and provided leadership when it was needed most.

Kristi’s experience as a small business owner shaped her understanding of government. The way she sees it: the federal government too often gets in the way of hardworking South Dakotans trying to support their families, communities, and our country. That belief has been what's driven Kristi to try to make a difference through public service.

After serving in Pierre as Assistant Majority Leader in the South Dakota House of Representatives, Kristi was elected to serve as South Dakota’s lone Member of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010. She's now serving her fourth term and currently sits on the Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over tax and trade policy, Social Security, Medicare, foster care programs and unemployment compensation programs.  It is widely regarded as the most powerful committee in Congress.

When she isn't in Washington, D.C., while the House is in session or traveling across the 66 counties she represents in South Dakota, Kristi enjoys hunting pheasant and deer as well as spending time with her family.

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